Configurable Low-Code/
No-Code Unified Data Analytics Platform
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quick & accurate data extraction,
preparation, load & transfer

Empower your internal teams with a configurable/'no-code required' ecosystem to create their own dashboards from available data sets with the power of AI/ML in a matter of days.
predictive analytics workbench

Incorporate predictive modelling & machine learning to the dashboards. Help your stakeholders with just in time insights to take that next big business decision.

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Predictive &
Prescriptive Analysis
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Key Features
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Connect to a
Data Source

Determine what you want to predict or understand. Define the aspect on which you want to use Koios Predictive Workbench.

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Data Preparation – Transform, Cleanse
and Format the Data Set

Acquire data in any form and modify to make it analysis ready. Use inbuilt allied components to prepare and transform data.

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Split data into train/test using drag & drop components. Configure algorithms & execute to view summary & results. Compare the scenarios and save the workflow to deploy as a service.

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Display the predicted results through rich and interactive visuals for well-informed insight.

social media sentiment analysis with
NLP and geospatial analysis

Nail more upselling opportunities leveraging the power of emotional triggers & geo coordinates via social browsing & conversation analysis, targeted promotions via data plotting with geocodes, geo data capture from customer queries, and so on.
Scrapes text & relevant data from:
  • User sentiment from social media – Twitter/ Facebook/ LinkedIn
  • User feedback from different e-Commerce channels
  • Relevant weather information for business correlations
  • Relevant digital media – Edmund, Team BHP, Market Watch
SMB extracts Big Data for:
  • Focus Analysis – On people, brands, campaign, sales, sentiments, popularity, etc.
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Business Outliers
Uses revolutionary technologies like:
  • Spark
  • Kafka
  • Cassandra
  • Scala
Common launch pad for searching,
collating & analyzing digital data
AI-driven & NLP based preemptive,
search-enabled customizable dashboards
Enable auto-suggestion for searching relevant information
Enhance your decision making capabilities with customizable real-time reporting
video analytics

The world today is dominated with visual content; hence, huge amounts of data needs to be parsed & analyzed in order to garner meaningful insights. Get your business analytics to the next level via AI-driven video analytics.

multi device deployment & mobile ready

Access anywhere, anytime and get real-time insights on-the-go with drag & drop features, interactive user interface, and end point security compliance.
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