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back office dashboard

A simple dashboard created for a life sciences company aggregating marketing and commercial analytics data as a part of Intelliswift’s data modernization initiatives for the client. Data is aggregated on a periodic basis (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/quarterly) from various marketing aggregators through the Koios platform providing near real-time commercial analytics.

CRM call center dashboard

Real-time dashboard created for call center applications to measure various KPIs like call volume, response time, abandon rate, Net Promoter Score for a medium to large call center.

customer 360° churn

Integrating predictive (machine learning) algorithms, a dashboard is created for a potential telecom customer displaying customer demographics and churn prediction.

FMEA analysis

Integrating and gathering data from various quality control systems, a dashboard is created for analysis of various engineering and performance parameters with the ability to predict potential failure scenarios.

hospital analysis

Commercial analytics for a potential health care provider displaying KPIs related to patients treated with the ability to create heat maps.

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