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Koios – role-based personas

Industry analysts estimate that by 2025, companies embracing AI and data will increase their profitability potentially by at least 20%, and those companies that lag will experience negative growth.

Koios helps businesses to efficiently manage data and utilize it to find actionable intelligence leading to smarter and quicker business decisions.

The fundamental premise behind Koios is to empower business users to play the role of ‘citizen data scientists’ by giving them access to data, powerful as well as interactive visualization tools, pre-packaged and easily deployable models and algorithms through a rich user-friendly interface.

data analyst

Become an unconstrained analyst with Koios. Find, prepare, enrich, munge and analyze all your data in a repeatable workflow and deliver deeper business insights in hours.

Use of the most advanced analytical tools allow you to drill into data in great detail. Explore things like online analytical processing, ad-hoc queries, and modelling that enable you to represent and visualize data the way you want. Extremely easy to learn, this low code platform with drag and drop features unleashes the power of analytics from day one. Create dashboards, scorecards and other content, which enable you to generate analysis that can be easily consumed by others.

visualization engineers

Turn your ideas into reality by efficiently spending your time analyzing data and creating compelling insights. With Koios Visualization, level up your game to analytics success.

No need to know where or how the data is stored, or how to build an ETL flow or a machine learning algorithm. Simply access information on-demand, drive analysis from your base of expertise, and create visualizations.

With pre-built charting components, create stunning visualizations and graphs like pie charts, scatterplots, box-plots. Expose your data and integrate it with other third-party charting libraries like D3, easily to create convincing visualizations. With the ability to add facts, dimensions, calculated fields, and support for custom scripting, the visualization tool of Koios provides seamless integration capabilities and ease of use.

data scientist

The cycle of building and deploying predictive models can be error prone and laborious. Koios allows data scientists to build, deploy, and manage predictive models faster by limiting custom deployment code. With its intuitive low code framework, data scientists can now focus on their core responsibility without worrying about deploying the right models into production.

Carry out a more sophisticated analysis, find the root cause to a problem, and develop solutions based on insights that you discover. Use an array of best-in-class libraries supported by the industry.

With seamless integration to version control and audit-trail, you can also view model performance and degradation over time to ensure optimal performance and improvement.

Koios supports rapid prototyping and evaluation of complex models. Publish and deploy your best performing model with a single click.

business users

Your business users rely on accurate and timely insights to aid in faster decisions, but a myriad of technologies limits their ability to become a data-driven organization.

With a growing backlog of requests, Business Intelligence and analytics teams need a simple, flexible and scalable platform to deliver deeper insights to businesses in a faster and easier way.

By leveraging governed and self-service BI, business users can draw insights on key critical business indicators.

Collect all your reports from a variety of sources in one place, get real–time operational metrics, and drill down to transactional level details on-demand whenever you want.

Save your precious time and effort to get actionable insights that will help run your business.


Data and analytics are transforming organizations, industries, and the entire world. With an exponential growth in data and a rapidly increasing pace of business, organizations need to transform quickly to win. To unleash the true value of data within your organization, departmental silos need to be broken, technology needs to be unified, and domain expertise needs to come together on a centralized platform to solve difficult problems.

Transform your business into a data-driven organization. Embrace the power of leveraging data for improved business performance, increased RoI, and better margins.

Make long-term decisions about business strategy using insights, reports, and visualizations of your KPIs and other strategic information about your business performance.

Get all the information (dashboards, models, and simulations) in a visually clear manner – understand what you need with just a glance. Achieve a level of depth that is desired as well as challenging, and isn’t often available in many existing data platforms.

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