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Enterprise Data Science Platform
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Koios is architectured by leveraging micro-services to provide scalability, security and has the ability to integrate seamlessly with different structured/unstructured and streaming data through its powerful yet simple pre-configurable connectors. Koios is further built using open source technologies and supports Python, R, Tensorflow, Keras and Spark.

Data Connectors

Connect to various data sources and combine into one integrated space. Publish relevant datasets with custom data connectors.

Survey Platform

Profile your customers through the survey platform and analyze quantitative data with this data collection tool.

Social Media Browser

Collect, measure, and analyze social media data with our analytics tool.

Data Pipeline

Acquire data from discrete sources in real-time or batches through our innovative pipeline capabilities.

Profile your data sets to deeply understand the quality of your data. Standardize and annotate your data using pre-built transformers that can deal with missing values, outliers, and splits, merges, and joins. Improve your business data quality and governance through our innovative data wranglers.

With over 55 data transformers supporting SQL like transformations, regular expressions, dates, and custom scripts, Koios can profile and provide summary statistics to your input data at your fingertips. Exploratory data transformations can be built and be componentized as a part of your production ETL to ensure improved data quality at the source.

Predictive Analysis Workbench

Democratize your data and insights by leveraging pre-built, configurable algorithms and models (Regression, Classification, Deep Learning) by using the intuitive workbench capabilities of the platform. Reduce model development, evaluation and deployment efforts by 30%. Increase the effectiveness of your data science teams by 40%.

Leveraging pre-built models’ commonly used algorithms for sentiment analysis, anomaly detections, classifications, customer segmentations, and churn prediction are some of the out of the box features in this platform.

Self Service BI Module

Leveraging self-service BI, expose your underlined data sets to empower business users become citizen data scientists and create visually engaging analytics reports.

Dashboard Designer

Equipped with highly interactive and simple-to-complex dashboard designer, Koios ensures you get across-the-board visualizations of data pipelines, real-time reports, and fully-actionable insights to help you stay ahead of the curve.


Gain real-time insights on-the-go anywhere, anytime by leveraging our mobile capabilities powered by innovative search capabilities and supported by voice and text.

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