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Apply for Pre-Sale allocations of the Koios AI Token

Allocations are not guaranteed and are awarded solely at the discretion of the Koios Team

Key Facts
Token Symbol KOI
Maximum Token Supply 1,000,000,000
Token Sale Supply 400,000,000
Token Sale Percentage 40%
Accepted Currencies ETH
Token Price $0.0375 USD
Pre-Sale Start Date 1st June 2018 19:00 UTC
Pre-Sale End Date 4th June 2018 19:00 UTC
Pre-Sale Bonuses Tiered: Max. 20%
Pre-Sale Bonus Lockup Period 90 Days
Pre-Sale Bonus Vesting Schedule 90 Days - 25% Unlocked
120 Days - 25% Unlocked
150 Days - 25% Unlocked
180 Days - 25% Unlocked
Crowdsale Start Date 15th June 2018 19:00 UTC
Crowdsale End Date 29th June 2018 19:00 UTC
Crowdsale Min. Contribution 0.1 ETH
Crowdsale Max. Contribution 5 ETH
Soft Cap $5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap $15,000,000 USD

Koios FAQ

What countries can participate?

We love the crypto community and want everyone to participate. If you're from a country with specific ICO laws like the US or China we may not be able to accept your contributions.

Will there be a KYC process for the sale?

Yes. We will be running a non-intrusive Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process to ensure that we comply with relevant Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws as we are running a fully compliant ICO.

Will there be a whitelist for the sale?

Yes. We will be building a whitelist of ethereum addresses for the sale events. Users will only be able to contribute to the crowdsale once they have passed KYC.

How do I reserve a presale allocation, get whitelisted and complete the KYC process?

Use the "Apply Now" button and your allocation and whitelist entry will be requested. We will inform the community on how to KYC 3 days before the Pre-Sale begins.

When will KOI be listed on a public Exchange?

The team strictly cannot comment until it has been previously announced publicly by the Exchange. We fully intend to provide liquidity for our network participants in a timely fashion.

Where is your team based?

Our team is geographically dispersed across Australia, the US and Singapore.

What is the vesting schedule for the team?

The 5% token allocation for the team has a month lockup. 25% is released quarterly thereafter.

What bonuses are available for the pre-sale

There are 4 tiers of bonus: 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% dependent on contribution. Minimum contributions per bonus tier will be announced closer to the Pre-Sale. Join our Telegram channels for announcements.

What is the minimum contribution per bonus tier?

Minimum contributions will be announced shortly.

Are the bonus tokens locked for any period of time?

Yes. Bonus Tokens are locked for 90 days.

Are there any bonuses for the main crowdsale?

No. We encourage those seeking bonuses to participate in the pre-sale.

More questions?

Post a question in our telegram group and one of our friendly admins will get back to you!